EDEN Featured on the Wedding Wire Blog!

20 Jan

EDEN Featured on the Wedding Wire Blog!

Matt and Elizabeth’s amazing, laid-back, super fun food truck wedding was featured on the Wedding Wire Blog this week!  Exciting!


Matt won Elizabeth’s heart the truly old-fashioned way – with a love letter. When Elizabeth and Matt first met, they told me that they marveled at finding another person as delightfully nerdy as themselves, which I can totally relate to. Elizabeth asked Matt what his favorite sub-atomic particle was. He not only had an answer, but could discuss the finer points of quark morphology, which include the six flavors: up, down, top, bottom, strange, and charm.


A year after they met, Matt wrote Elizabeth a love letter stating ”You are the up to my down, the top to my bottom, and the charm to my strange.” They married at Woodlawn Manor in Sandy Spring, Maryland on August 4, 2012. Elizabeth carried a floor-length bouquet of green cybidium orchids, variegated ivy, green hypercum berries, limelight hydrangea, lady’s mantle, and white freesia and wore a blush pink Manuel Mota gown. During the garden ceremony, Elizabeth surprised Matt with a bridal entrance song played by a uilleann pipe player, one of Matt’s quirky favorites.

The rings were passed among attendees on a custom-crafted ring plate imprinted with the text ”charm to my strange” and a drawing of an atom from Paloma’s Nest on Etsy.


Their fun, light-hearted cocktail hour featured boozy grape, lemon, and ginger snow cones as a specialty ”cocktail” and to find their tables, guests located pictures of themselves on a large board titled ”Our Favorite People”.


To continue the fun and quirky celestial stargazing theme, guests were seated during the reception at long banquet tables with moss runners and white and green flowers with table numbers that were star charts illustrating how the stars were aligned at key moments in Matt and Elizabeth’s relationship.


Guests dined on leg of lamb, a summer tomato bar, and gourmet goat mac and cheese from DC’s CapMac food truck. Dinner was followed by freshly made donuts and organic coffee and hot chocolate from Charlottesville’s Carpe Donut food truck, which also supplied the snow cones for the cocktail hour. As they departed, guests took cigars and lottery tickets wrapped in glassine envelopes sealed with Matt and Elizabeth’s monogram stickers from a table with a cheeky sign that read ”We’re getting lucky tonight and hope you do too!”

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