Rustic Elegant Decor Ideas and How-Tos

28 Nov

Today, I want to talk about a couple of easy, elegant details for classic, rustic farm-country weddings.  These are projects that you can easily DIY using items from antique stores and Etsy.

First – this hand-written antique shutter bar menu!  The key for this one is to use a Sharpie paint pen or glass pen rather than chalk to make sure the writing is legible from a distance. Choose an antique shutter or other panel of finished wood with a nice weathered patina, and ask your bridesmaid with the prettiest handwriting to do the writing.


Note that this works well on antique window panes too.  These can easily be found on craigslist, or at local antique stores. Image

Next, these simple chair swags for the bride and groom’s chairs.  Paint burlap bags yourself, or purchase them on Etsy.  Hang them from the chairs and insert loose flowers in small glass ball jars to keep them fresh. That easy!


Or, use simple burlap bags painted with a heart in your wedding colors to wrap gifts from your bridesmaids, or as welcome bags for your guests.Image

Finally, these burlap banners!  These are very simple to make, and you can make them yourself for much less than what it costs to purchase them.  Buy a roll of burlap from a hardware store or packing supply store (or Cut notches in the shape of flags, and paint them with hearts or letters using a stencil. The trick with these is having enough room in your office or on your desk for them to dry properly, so I suggest making them outside on a sunny day if possible.


And that’s the story for today.  Get in touch with me if you have any questions about these projects! xx

All photos are by the lovely and talented photographer Julie Napear-Wischern.

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